Class Parents

Every year, each class in the school has a class parent.

The role of Class Parents is to:

  1. Build a cohesive and social community of parents in the year
  2. Welcome, involve and integrate new families into MHPS
  3. Encourage your year to run any allocated P&C events
  4. Act as parent liaison on behalf of the P&C

They are a parent or two who volunteers and they are essentially the go-between between the teacher and the parents. They will pass on any relevant information, remind parents of upcoming events, for example the child may need a gold coin for mufti day or a permission slip may need handing in and also arrange birthday and Christmas presents for the teacher (funded by a class kitty). The class parent is also responsible for arranging social events for the class; this might be a play date in the park after school to a night out for the parents. Class parent coordinators oversee the roles and assist with any queries the class parents may have.

Acting as Class Parent is a fantastic way to contribute to the Middle Harbour Community. If you would like to volunteer, please nominate yourself at the beginning of the school year when contacted by the P&C.

The Centre currently caters for up to 230 children daily, which is separated into three groups allowing for the programs to reflect the cognitive, social, physical and emotional development of each group.

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