About Parents and Committee

All of the activities of the P&C are run by parents working together.


The P&C meets twice per term on Tuesday evenings in Weeks 3 and 8.  Meetings are generally held in the Library or via Zoom. Each meeting begins with a report from the school principal and it is a great way of learning about what is happening in the school. Everyone is welcome to attend and contribute to the conversation – noting that only P&C members can vote.  The agenda is the same for each meeting and minutes are posted on this site shortly after each meeting. A P&C meeting reminder is sent out to all parents a week prior via Skoolbag.
Each year in March, the P&C holds its Annual General Meeting. Positions on the P&C committee become available at our AGM and all members are encouraged to attend this meeting to vote on the positions.  
Year 2023
Each meeting is held at 6.30pm – either onsite in the school library or via Zoom. Notification of the location (and Zoom code if applicable) is sent out to all parents prior via Skoolbag.
Term 1:
Tuesday 7th February – Week 3
Tuesday 14th March – Week 8
Term 2:
Tuesday 9th May – Week 3
Tuesday 13th June – Week 8
Term 3:
Tuesday 1st August – Week 3
Tuesday 5th September – Week 8 – P&C Annual General Meeting, followed by P&C meeting.
Term 4: 
Tuesday 24th October – Week 3
Tuesday 28th November – Week 8

Constitution Membership

It is a requirement of the P&C Federation that all members who wish to vote need to be financial members of the P&C. To become a
voting member of the P&C you will need to attend a P&C meeting and pay a fee of annual $2. You can join the P&C at any time during the year, however all memberships are due for renewal in the beginning of each year.

Middle Harbour Public School P&C Association Constitution

For a reference please see P&C Federation website.

You don’t need to be a member to attend meetings, volunteer or be part of the parent school community.

Role Responsibilities


The role of President is to oversee all of the functions and responsibilities of the P&C, supported by the individual committees. The President is the primary point of contact for the school regarding P&C matters, sits on the School Council and is responsible for ensuring that the P&C’s strategy and objectives are fulfilled appropriately.

Co-Vice President

The role of vice-president is to work with the President and Executive in all aspects of running the P&C. This includes being a bank account signatory, discussing strategies and ideas, running P&C projects, looking at fundraising opportunities, liaising with the school and chairing meetings when required.


The secretary attends to the administrative tasks required to operate the P&C – particularly with regards to the meetings,  the P&C constitution and manages incoming and outgoing correspondence.  The Secretary is a member of the P&C Executive and works closely with the P&C Federation along with all P&C committee roles to ensure the smooth running of the P&C.  The secretary can be contacted at: mhpssecretary@gmail.com

Small Events

The Small Events Co-ordinators work with different year groups to organise a number of events throughout the academic year. These events help to raise funds for the school but also have a very special impact for the children. The Small Events Co-Ordinator is involved in school activities such as the Bold Archy, Mothers’ Day stall, and are happy to rally support from parents to help with those events, then this is the job for you

Scholastic Books

The scholastic books coordinator publicises and arranges the scholastic book offers each term.

Sustainable schools

The green team works with the school to promote and support the school’s sustainability and environment policies, run fun events (eg Walk Safely to School Day) or develop initiatives that help the children to understand their impact on the environment. Our beautiful vegetable garden is a wonderful example of the green team’s collaboration with the school.


The Grants coordinator helps the school to prepare applications for community or Government grants, and to identify funding opportunities.

Class Parent Coordinator

Helps with collaboration and  communication between the Parents & Citizens Committee (P&C) and the nominated class parents (CP) and ensures parents receive the needed information and updates through out the year, in regards to events, changes, and any other matters that pertain to the school and the students.


Website coordinator and IT specialist supports P&C organization with management of P&C website, provides technical support, overesees the functionality of the website, evaluates and manages website performance, facilitates web-hosting, and develops, maintains and updates website content.


In addition to the above elected roles, the P&C has sub-committees that look after both our Strings and Bands Programmes , our Uniform Shop and The Kids Cottage. Each committee includes several parents working on managing all of these much needed school resources. 

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