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Book Club

Middle Harbour participates in Scholastic Book Club three times per year – at the beginning of Terms 2, 3 and 4.

Research has shown that 91% of kids finish reading literature that has been self selected. Book Club offers your child a chance to peruse a catalogue and choose books, arts & crafts and science kits that interest them.

Each catalogue covers from Pre-K to 10 years+ so students can select reading materials at the appropriate level for them. All books are reasonably priced, with some heavily discounted. Each catalogue also includes a $1 book and $2 books at each reading level so no kids have to miss out.

Ordering Process

After selecting books from the catalogue, ordering is done online ONLY via Middle Harbour does not accept paper orders or cash/cheque. If you don’t receive a catalogue or you misplace it, online catalogues can be found at

Book orders arrive at Middle Harbour within three weeks (shipping is free) to be distributed via classrooms. Kids love receiving books in the company of their class friends.

As a bonus, Middle Harbour receives a 20% return on all Book Club purchases made by parents/students. Rewards points are spent on educational resources for classrooms and the school library.

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