Get involved with P&C

The P&C is open to the entire School community, everyone is welcome, so please consider getting involved. You can do this in a number of ways:

  • Come to P&C meetings
  • Become a member of the P&C
  • Volunteer for P&C events

The P&C highly appreciate time volunteered by parents

Class Coordinator

Each class from Kindy to year 6 has at least 1 class parent, and as the CPC I liaise with the nominated class parent (CP) to ensure they receive the needed information and updates through out the year, in regards to events, changes, and any other matters that pertain to the school and the students.

Event Coordinator

Sign up to help out on P&C and MHPS events and programs using the Sly Reply sign-up sheets linked below. If it’s your first time on Sly Reply, you will be asked to register.

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