Our food philosophy is to have a balanced, holistic approach to food and nutrition. In essence, food that is not only good for you but is also tasty and enjoyable.


Our aim is make as much of the food ourselves as we can, combining fresh, local ingredients with healthier cooking options eg high in fibre, low fat, oven baked etc. That way we know exactly what goes into the food we serve and, as much as possible, eliminate the chemicals, numbers and additives that are found in processed foods. Our menus are seasonal to ensure freshness and variety and also offer a range of cuisine types to appeal from the blandest to the more adventurous of eaters.
MHPS P&C Canteen

Canteen's Menu for 2021 Term 1

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You can also download PDF version from  here: Canteen Menu 2021 Term 1


We believe it is important for children to be eating real, whole food, made from scratch so that we can educate developing taste buds to help establish good eating patterns for life

What else?

Our onsite canteen is also open before, during and after school hours so that you can enjoy an espresso coffee, tea or hot chocolate and pick up a freshly baked treat. Extra services such as class birthday treats eg birthday cupcakes are also available on request. Just come and see us or call Jo on Mobile: 0405 159 730.

How to order? It’s EASY!

  • By paper bag – Complete a lunch and/or recess bag to the canteen before school, writing clearly your child’s name, class and order on the front of the bag.
  • Place the money inside the bag. If the exact money is not provided, then the change will be returned, taped to the bag with the lunch order.

All recess orders are collected from the canteen at recess. Lunch orders are returned to each class in lunch baskets (children with frozen items must bring their bag back to the canteen to collect them).

Do you have allergy?

All food made at the canteen is nut free, however, some packaged foods may have been manufactured on equipment that processes nuts These are available only in sealed portions and declare nut traces. Please ensure the school office and the canteen is made aware if your child has a serious allergy.
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