A handy list of extra-curricular activities hosted on school grounds – before, during, or after school hours.

Guitar or Keyboard Lessons

Guitar: Monday lunchtimes
Keyboard: Thursday lunchtimes

Group lessons of 3-5 students run by qualified teachers.

Aria Music
Ph: 0402 780 130, email: ariamusicschool@gmail.com
Web: www.aria.com.au

Chess Club

Years 2-6: Wednesdays, 1:00pm to 1:40pm
Years K-1: Fridays 1:00pm to 1:40pm

Sydney Academy of Chess
Ph: (02) 9745 1170
Web: www.sydneyacademyofchess.com.au

Sprint Training

Wednesday and Friday mornings 8:00am to 8:30am.
Rich Frost rich@istorm.com.au
M: 0412 371 354

Mandarin Chinese Classes

Tuesdays 7.50-8.50am

Complement the in-school Chinese program to help students consolidate and extend their learning. Students enjoy learning Mandarin and Chinese culture through fun games and activities.
Enrol at www.chifunese.com/enrol.
Enquiries, email admin@chifunese.com or call (02) 8006 8208.

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