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BandWelcome to the MHPS Band Program. The program was established in 1994, in response to parents and teachers who saw a need to have an outlet for musical expression for our children. It’s an excellent opportunity for learning an instrument and, with consistent application, children progress quickly and have fun. The twice-weekly band practices, Festivals, assembly performances and special days all contribute to the pleasure of being part of the band ‘team’. Our annual Music Camp (with the String Ensembles) is a highlight of the year, as well as being an invaluable tutorial weekend.



MHPS Band Handbook 2016


MHPS Band Tutor list (Updated – Dec 2017)


MHPS Band instrument hire policy (Dec 2016)

CARL Musical Instrument Hire

Band Committee

The administration of the band is by a volunteer parent committee.

    • The committee consists of:
  • Overall Band coordinators
  • Training Band coordinator
  • Senior Band coordinator
  • Treasurer
  • Band camp organiser
  • Workshop organiser
  • Other Committee members (as required)

The committee meets on an “as needs” basis, but at a minimum 4 times per year. Parents are often asked to assist in the organising of events.

MHPS has 2 bands:

We have two band directors, Training Band is led by Mr Luis Fernando Madrid and the Senior Band is led by Mr Ray Hampton. Both our directors are professional musicians as well as Band Masters, and have successfully led the children to achieve great results in the various competitions which they have entered.

All queries, comments, concerns, feedback (positive or negative) should be directed to the relevant coordinator.

Band tuition fees

Band fees are payable by direct debit at the beginning of the year. The fees cover the Band Master fees, attendance at an intensive workshop and band camp, as well as sheet music, photocopying, workshop and general upkeep of band equipment.

2016 fees are

  • Training band – $710
  • Senior band – $690

Extra charges:

The end of year activities, for example, the Zoo Snooze is an extra activity and is charged separately at the time of the snooze (partly subsidised by the band).

Band Practice Folder

A yellow folder is handed out either at the beginning of each year (senior band) or at an appropriate time (junior band), with the child’s name inside. Every time a new piece of music is issued the children will be asked to file this in their folder. To comply with copyright regulations we cannot make multiple, unregistered copies of the music and consequently some of the children may have originals in their folders. The children are responsible for the folder AND the music in the folder. At the end of each year the children will have to return the folders AND the music for it to be refiled for possible later use.

Private Tuition

It is expected that all band members have private tuition. Without the tuition it is difficult to progress at the same rate as other band members. Tutors should be asked to spend at least 10 minutes of each 30 minute lesson on music pieces from the band. It is important that band members bring their band practice folders to their private music lessons.

It is up to the band member (and parents) to organise their own tuition and instrument. The Band committee will provide a list of tutors that will be available at the school.

Band Uniform

This MUST be worn at all performances:

All players must look neat and tidy; girls with hair tied back, all children with CLEAN black shoes.


  • GIRLS – Summer uniform, white socks, black shoes, long hair tied back
  • BOYS – Short sleeved white polo shirt, short black pants, white socks, black shoes


  • GIRLS – Winter tunic, long sleeved white polo shirt, black tights and clean black shoes
  • BOYS – Long sleeved white polo shirt, long black trousers, white socks, black  shoes.

Intensive Sessions

At MHPS we hold a minimum of two intensive Band sessions each year. The first is a workshop which is usually held in term 1 for a single afternoon. The second is a Music Camp that runs for two days over the weekend. These intensives are compulsory and an essential part of the Band Program. They are also very enjoyable and is a real highlight of being in the band.

  • Parental involvement is essential for the successful running of both events and all band members are expected to be present for the entire session. Special music tuition with the Band Master and tutors, as well as outdoor and social activities, are included.The music camp is a great weekend and finishes on the Sunday afternoon with a concert for all the parents and special friends. The camp is entirely reliant on family members volunteering for roster duty and supervision of activities.